Just What is WEBSITEMENT® ???

A term coined and trademarked by WEBSITEMENT®COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION: specialists in helping small and medium size companies quickly and economically establish a comfortable World Wide Web presence.

  • We deliver simplicity, clarity and ample opportunity for visitor interactivity in our Web Site design.

  • For those who feel the "EXCITEMENT" and want to jump in head first, but wonder if it will be a costly mistake, take heart. We strive to seamlessly blend this new technology with traditional approaches and methods when we design or assist you in designing your web marketing program.

In a word, IT'S "WEBSITEMENT® !!!

  • With that said, we are certain companies who do not embrace Internet Advertising and On-line Marketing on the World Wide Web will be at a distinct DISADVANTAGE to those who do in the future.

  • So let's learn a little about On-line Advertising and Marketing. You are cordially invited to come in and click around for a while and put a little "WEBSITEMENTtm" in your life !!

This is new ground for most of us.

I believe we need each other's help.

On-line Marketing and Internet Advertising needs to move beyond the technological hype spread so thick in newspaper articles and cocktail party conversations. And more hype is coming with each technological improvement. Many of you just read the Cable Service article.

A successful Website is not about technology, it's about communication. The method of delivery may be based heavily upon new technology, but content is the key ingredient. When properly used it creates a win/win situation for both the buyer and seller.

Sharing ideas and interests will prove to be the best approach.

You've heard it before; content, content, content ! The visitor to your Site deserves an ample dose of quality content. The visitor will take away something of value and tell others about your site. If you sell a product or service, you may even be rewarded with a sale.

That's what this Site is striving to achieve!

  • How do we keep our Sites fresh and interesting?

  • How can I use a Web Site to sell a product or service?

  • How much selling versus content is appropriate?

  • Should I use Java for visual enhancement?

If you find yourself challenged by questions like these, GET INVOLVED ! Head to the comment form and send me a note. I will include work to provide information based upon your suggestions and comments to help you profit financially or intellectually from the Web. My goal is to provide you valuable information to help you understand what others are doing to enhance their Web Sites, and how to enhance a Website of your own.



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