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When Time Warner Cable launched their new Cable Modem based On-line/Internet access service called RoadRunner, Websitement was one of the first to get connected. What previously took 8 hours a day to tranfer via a dial-up connection was literally reduced to minutes!  RoadRunner is available in the Greater Akron/Canton Ohio area, home of Websitement Communications Corporation.

"No more coffee breaks while waiting for something to download" says Steve Fry, President of Time Warner Cables Northeast Ohio division.

Akron was chosen to be the first city in the world to experience this new lightening quick service due to what Fry calls "one of the finest telecommunications infrastructures in the country."

Cable modem based technology will allow instantaneous audio and video transmission over the Internet.

The basic cost for RoadRunner service is between $40 and 60 per node per month depending upon your residential or business classification.

Many local schools, universities, zoos and museums will tie information and curriculum into the RoadRunner system allowing for Interactive Learning Experiences.

The speed at which information will move using cable access will revolutionize the way in which we use the Internet. When cable access to the Internet is widely available, it will allow the intensive use of graphics, audio and video. Homepages and Web Sites now download very slowly when these features are overused.

The commercial aspects of cable service need to be closely monitored. Companies offering cable access will be making substantial investments in bringing the service to the public. Once established, some companies will not be able to raise the revenue needed to survive. Others will most assuredly flourish.

Smaller markets may not enjoy cable service for many years to come as they may not yield a decent return on investment to the service provider. Some larger cities and metropolitan areas will be ripe with profitable demand, and will have the opportunity to connect.

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