Are You A Prime Candidate
For A Websitement® Website ???

Consider the questions below to determine if an Internet advertising and marketing program is right for your business or organization.

1) Do you view an Internet Website as more than just a trendy way to broadcast your organizations message or advertise your businesses goods and services?

2) Do you have an interest in using the Internet to economically educate and communicate with your target audience (with the understanding an ongoing effort is involved)?

Are you able to process your own email or would you prefer Websitement to do it?

  • Are you interested in hosting an online discussion group featuring your products/services?

3) Do you want to use your Website to: increase sales? generate leads? to educate? in a secure Internet operating environment.

  • Can you cite specific examples of other advertising and marketing efforts you are making or have made in the past. Were they worthwhile? . . . Effective?
  • Can existing advertising be modified to form the foundation for a Web based approach?

4) Do you have a specific concept or idea you wish to pursue using the Internet or would you like to brainstorm?

5) Are you aware measurable results from your Internet presence will take time to develop and may not be felt for 1 to 6 months?

6) Have you budgeted and funded a firm dollar amount specifically for an Internet presence?

  • Will funding be increased if you are clearly enjoying a measurable and acceptable return on investment from your Web based efforts?

7) Do you have strategic alliances with customers/vendors/members that would allow you to broker small amounts of space of your Website to them for a monthly or yearly fee?

  • This is an often overlooked strategy that can defray most or all of your initial investment in establishing an Internet presence.
  • Websitement is capable of handling all facets of:
    • contacting these prospects on your behalf with a sales letter (approved by you); placing a reference to them on your site (subject to your approval);
    • collecting and re-distributing revenues as negotiated .
    • This strategy takes full advantage of theinterlinking ability of the Web, increasing valuable traffic to your Website and lending credibility to your company or organization. 

8) Do you have branch offices or customers that require a fast, secure, economical communications link.

9) Do you have databases that can be shared or enhanced if they were connected to those who visit your Web site?

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