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Who Uses The Internet ??? . . . Inquiring minds want to know.

A recent survey pinpoints the changes

The number of Internet users has increased by more than 50% since August 1995. The makeup of these new users has shifted from primarily upscale, college-educated men to a mix more in line with overall population averages. So states a study involving 2,800 Internet users recently completed by Commerce Net and Nielsen Media Research.

Other findings include the following:

  • 23 percent of people 16 and older in the United States and Canada have access to the Internet. 15 percent had last year.

  • Among longtime users it was found: 1) 67% are male. 2) 88% own a home. 3) 55% have a college degree. 4) 27% live in a household with an income of at least $80,000.

  • Among the newcomers it was found: 1) 60% are male. 2) 72% own a home. 3) 39% have a college degree. 4) 17% live in a household with an income of at least $80,000.

  • 23% of the longtime users are computer professionals while only 11% of the newcomers view themselves as computer professionals.

These trends are thought to be relevant for several reasons.

  1. They support the belief that the amazing growth of the Internet is a reality and not just hype.

  2. The shift in the users' profile supports the theory that the general population is embracing the Internet.

  3. This shift also indicates the Internet is rapidly reaching the mass market.

Longtime users were defined to be those who have used the Internet prior to August 1995. Newcomers were defined as those who began using the Internet after August 1995.

Trends To Watch

1998 should bring about the most rapid changes yet experienced on the Web .

Efforts to make the Internet more user- friendly are in full swing. These developments will help to make the Internet not only a household word, but a "household appliance" creating a mass market capable of reaching nearly every household and business in the world..

The key lies in merging existing technologies while driving the price point down to a level nearly everyone can afford.

A box on top of your television set, an Internet Appliance, will perform the necessary computing duties currently handled by PC's. The television set will replace the computer monitor. A standard phone line will bring the signal to the box.

The replacement of the computer keyboard with an easy to use remote control will all but obliterate the anxiety some new users experience when considering Internet access.

Brisk sales of these affordable set top boxes are expected during the Holiday season making the Internet Appliance a top trend to watch during the coming year.


  • The Internet will continue to play a greater role in our daily lives as more companies explore the possible uses in their daily operations. Many businesses find their original use of the Internet, an electronic advertisement, becomes a very small percentage of their Internet usage.

Areas of Expanded Usage:

  1. Inter-office communication (email,notes)

  2. Intra-office communication (email)

  3. Electronic File Transfer

  4. Internet Phones (collaboration)

Many offices spend less than
$100.00 per month for these services

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