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Websitement Communications Corporation . . . specialists in designing . . .

Comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategies

We professionally take your project from start to finish by paying attention to all the details in between.

We have the skills to:

  • listen to your needs and create the concept;

  • use your existing materials or write new copy;

  • use your artwork and logo or start from scratch;

  • write the code to make your site Internet ready;

  • place your Website on our state of the art servers;

  • promote your site to receive maximum exposure;

  • link your site to other appropriate sites;

  • measure the response;

  • make changes to your site as needed.

You get more than an "electronic shingle" hung on the Internet when you buy a Websitement® products and services.

We specialize in both building and promoting Web sites by listing sites with the proper search engines, suggesting appropriate online newsgroups to visit, negotiating reciprocal links, implementing US mail and telemarketing programs and designing results oriented promotional strategies.

We provide a site content updating service on an as needed basis. In some cases changes can be made the same day you make the request!

  1. We design and sell Internet Homepages.

  2. We design Custom Internet Websites.

    • Not all of our clients require it, but we have the unique ability to design sites for On-line Marketers that are capable of securely processing On-line charge card sales orders.

  3. We provide our clients the tools to quantitatively assess the effectiveness of their on-line ad campaigns, or can in many cases provide the service for them.

  4. Our commitment to our clients does not end with the placement of a site on the Web.

We provide and maintain this Website as a means to both entertain and educate prospective clients and curious onlookers alike.

  • We do this because we firmly believe the Internet will continue to play a significantly more important role in the way YOUR business is conducted in the next 3 or 4 years.

  • We also believe it is a win-win situation. We expect you to enjoy a return on you your investment in terms of increasing sales well over and above the investment you make in your Website.

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