"Business Change From Golf To Polo"

"For many years, change in business happened as an episode; for example, you had to respond to a new technology or regulation. It's sort of like golf; I stand still, the ball stands still, and only the club moves. I knock the ball somewhere, and it waits for me, so I can contemplate the situation."

"Today, the perfect metaphor for business is polo. Not only are the ball and you moving, but you're sitting on top of a horse. And it's not a solo sport; you have three teammates, and you're trying to figure out when to pass the ball to them and when they're going to send it to you. All this is going on while four other players are trying to knock you off both the ball and your horse."

"Extending the metaphor further, to coach a golfer, you just stand next to him or her and say, "No, no widen your stance and straighten your shoulder." But for polo players, it's too late to show them what to do once the game starts. You have to equip them with the competencies they need to get the job done. Just as in business, they have to know how to work with teammates who are not under their control, what the overall strategy is, and how much to communicate with each other in the midst of the sturm und drang."

- Eliot Daley, Innovation Associates Partner

Taken from: Chief Executive

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