Are You Ready To Grow With The Internet?

The koi, a Japanese carp, is a remarkable creature. When placed in a small fishbowl, it grows to about two or three inches long. It may get six inches in a larger tank. In a pond, it may become a foot and a half. In a big lake, however, where it feels almost limitless freedom and can really stretch out, it may reach up to three feet. The koi grows in direct relation to its surroundings – not unlike people. People’s performance and their ability to grow are also strongly connected to their environment.

There is one difference between kois and humans, though: Humans thrive on possibilities, ideas, and imagination. The more mental, spiritual, and physical opportunities they have, the more they will be able to grow and realize their potential. Sometimes people limit themselves, doubting their abilities and giving up on ideas prematurely. A self-limiting attitude can do the same to a person that a small fishbowl does to the koi. It stunts growth. Take away restrictions, and who knows where the limit is?

How much better off will your company be once you establish and become comfortable with an Internet presence?

How big is your lake?

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