The Profile of a "True Winner":

Rueben Gonzales is a professional racquetball player recently featured on the cover of "National Racquetball Magazine". He made the cover not as a winner, but as a rare phenomenon.

Here's what happened. It was Gonzale's first chance to win a professional tournament. In the final game, Gonzales made a "kill" shot into the front wall to win it all. The referee called the shot good.

But Gonzales turned around, shook his opponent's hand, and declared that his shot had "skipped" into the wall, after hitting the court floor first.

He lost the match.

What few could figure out was why Gonzales chose to give up a victory when he did not have to. His reply, "It was the only thing I could do to maintain my integrity."

To Gonzales, being the best means more than being a winner -- it means being the best person you can be. Whether you're on the racquetball court or in the boardroom, you, like Gonzales, can do your part to help make the world a place where honesty and integrity are the everyday standards, not rare exceptions.

- Anonymous

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