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Timex Corp., America’s premier watchmaker recently announced a major breakthrough in wrist instruments for athletes with its Ironman Speed & Distance System. Teaming with global positioning system (GPS) industry leader Garmin International Inc., Timex now makes it possible for runners, skiers, kayakers, mountain bikers and anybody covering distance in the great outdoors to accurately answer two all-important questions — how far and how fast.

The Timex Ironman Speed & Distance System consists of two pieces — a GPS receiver and a watch/monitor that are connected wirelessly by a radio signal. The receiver captures position data from GPS satellites and transmits precise, real-time speed, distance and pace readings to the watch. While GPS technology is most commonly used as a navigational tool, the satellites are equipped with atomic clocks, making it possible to also get speed and distance data with near-perfect accuracy.

The features on the Speed & Distance System don’t compromise the watch’s familiar Ironman styling or ease-of-use, nor does it require that the watch be any larger than many of the other models in the world’s best selling line of performance sport watches.

Garmin International, a leading GPS technology and product innovator, engineered the receiver to be comparable in weight and size to the latest generation of smaller cell phones. The GPS receiver can be strapped on an arm or attached at the beltline, rendering the receiver’s slim profile and lightweight design nearly inconspicuous to the user. Information is transmitted from receiver to the watch via digital FM signal, making it extremely resistant to interference from sources such as overhead power lines.

"We’re proud to be associated with an industry leader like Timex and to deliver GPS data wirelessly to select Timex users," said Gary Kelley, Garmin’s director of marketing. "This product will bring the convenience and reliability of GPS technology to athletes in a sleek, user-friendly package." This feature-packed, user-friendly Ironman Speed & Distance System has netted Timex another prestigious innovation award from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

  • Timing functions — dual time zones; automatic time setting; alarm with daily, weekday and weekend options; automatic time setting (minutes and seconds, when GPS transmitter is in use); countdown timer with stop at end, repeat at end and chronograph at end features.
  • Speed functions — current speed/pace, average speed/pace, best pace, target speed alarm, speed in 1/10 mph or kph resolution.
  • Distance functions — continuous odometer, target distance alarm, distance of activity, distance in 1/1000 mile or kilometer resolution.
  • 100-lap memory with lap number, time, distance and average lap speed/pace.
  • Indiglo night light with Night Mode.
  • Water resistance: sport watch to 50 meters; receiver to one meter.

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