To stop basement flooding, prevention is necessary to protect your home

prevent basement flooding with our fullport backwater valveStop basement flooding!  Our Model 4963 Full port Backwater Valve (available in black ABS or white PVC material) is quickly becoming the most popular flood protection valve in the world.  Competitively priced with an access box, it's easy to understand why people choose this backwater valve over other sewer backup valves to prevent the chance of having their basement flooded.

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Widespread precipitation and antiquated municipal sanitary sewer systems have recently caused a rash of messy, destructive basement floods throughout the US and Canada.  Don't chance basement flooding and the possibility of raw sewage in your basement by using any other valve.  One of the key elements in building a flood proof basement and keeping raw sewage out is choosing the correct backwater valve.

Most valves attempting to prevent basement flooding using a valve with a "top hinged" gate.  Paper, sticks, sludge and any other object tend to get stuck right in the gate, causing the valve to fail in the open position.  This type of valve is often found to be stuck in the open position just when you need it the most.

Our innovative, patented design attacks those problems on three fronts.  First, we use a unique clear acrylic top to allow for easy visual inspection.  Second, we provide a convenient screw off cleanout cap in the rare event the valve needs cleaning.  Lastly, and most important, our patented bottom hinge design simply does not clog when confronted with the normal daily barrage of sewage that cleart top of our backflow valve allows inspectionpasses over it.  In fact, it's unique design and slippery surface gate is virtually self-cleaning so it is ready for action when your municipal sewer system has backup problems.

 You stay high and dry while those around you without backflow valves (or those with failed, inferior design valves) are wading through a few feet of nasty sewage attempting to rescue the valuables floating around in their basements.

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backflow prevention valves guard against flooded basementsYou will be happy to learn that unlike many of the valves on the market that cost an arm and a leg (and are still prone to failure due to their inferior design), our valves are available now including access box.

Click here to learn more about the amazing Model 4963 Mainline Fullport backwater valve available in both popular ABS and PVC plastics. 

We also have an assortment of quality  Flood Alarms available.  Wire the flood alarm to every possible point of water backup or leak in your home and then you can rest easy knowing you will be alerted if and when you need to take action.

Backwater valves will keep the neighbors sewage out of your home, but a leaky washing machine, hot water heater, or leaky pipe can cause problems that this device will detect.

But if your backwater valve is working to protect you from a problem with the main sanitary sewer, you will need to know that you should not run any water or flush toilets in your home until the sanitary sewer problem is solved.

Our flood alarm operates on 1 9-Volt battery and the unit beeps to alert you when it is time for a battery change.

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Last, the installation of a sump pump in a sump crock that is below the level of your basement floor may work to keep the water table low enough to stop your basement from flooding.

Sump Pumps are and electro-mechanical devices that lift water out of a low spot (like your basement) to keep them dry. A wide assortment of pedestal sump pumps and submersible sump pumps are available.