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timex 5e671 bodylink5E671 Bodylink (pictured at right)  is competitively priced and paired with the 54101 data recorder yields a Bodylink combo package price that can't be beaten.

5E681 Bodylink is competitively priced and paired with the 54101 data recorder yields a great Timex Bodylink price.

59571 Bodylink is competitively priced and matched with the 54101 data recorder makes for an attractive Timex Bodylink package price. 

Add the Data Recorder at the bottom of the product page after selecting the Bodylink of your choice.  All of our Timex Bodylink models are also available separately at low prices

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Timex Bodylink System

The Timex Bodylink System offers athletes and fitness enthusiasts the unprecedented ability to track, store and analyze key indicators of personal performance.  Using state-of-the-art digital technology, the Bodylink System is a network of up to 4 devices worn on the body that act together as a single information and sport monitoring system.

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The Timex® Ironman Triathlon® Bodylink™ Performance Monitor is the essential element to the Bodylink™ System, providing real-time workout data.  It teams with the Timex® Digital Heart Rate Sensor and the Timex® Speed + Distance Sensor to simultaneously provide comprehensive performance feedback.

Individual Bodylink models at affordable prices U.S.D. and combined with the data recorder with free US shipping.

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Timex Data Recorder

timex data recorderThe data recorder is the ultimate training log for all athletes.  The Timex® Data Recorder collects precise information from your Digital Heart Rate Sensor, Speed + Distance Sensor, or both devices at the same time.  Through a simple USB connection, data can be later uploaded to your PC.  Using Timex® Trainer software (included with the data recorder purchase) to chart your progress, achieve your goals, and maximize your workouts.

Timex Data Recorder

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