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The Clean and Natural Solution for Dust Mites and Fleas in Carpet a Upholstery

Dust mite and Flea Control is a specially formulated borate compound that mixes easily in check allergy control price water and provides long lasting control over dust mites and fleas.  Boron is a natural element that is essential for healthy plant growth and aids in the assimilation of calcium in the human body.  Borates have a long history of use in insect control, and are also effective against termites, cockroaches and ants.  The Ecology Works has now been granted a patent for its use against dust mites (US Patent #5672362).

dust mite controlSAFE FOR FABRIC.  Contains no tannic and of benzyl benzoate.  Clear & Odorless: will not stain lightly colored fabric.

EPA REGISTERED.  Reviewed by the California EPA, DUST MITE and FLEA CONTROL has been classified as having insignificant human exposure risk associated with application.

EFFECTIVE and LONG LASTING PROTECTION.  University tests show a remarkable combination of low toxicity and long term effectiveness.  We suggest four months between the first and second application and twice a year thereafter.

control fleas by spraying upholsteryEASY TO APPLY.  To kill dust mites and fleas in carpet and upholstery just mix with water and spray.  For small areas like an upholstered chair, use a spray bottle (larger areas apply by pump sprayer).

control fleas by cleaning your carpetVERSATILE.  Can also be applied while you DEEP CLEAN.  Dust mite allergen is water soluble, and hot water vacuum cleanings are proven to have a dramatic impact on allergen levels in carpet and upholstery.  Mixed with carpet shampoo or applied as a final rinse, do‑it‑yourselfers find it works great in their Hoover Steamvacs or Rug Doctor.  Many carper cleaning professionals now offer DUSTMITE and FLEA CONTROL as part of their allergy relief cleaning service.

Questions and answers for Pet Owners

Q.  My dog is allergic to both dust mites and fleas.  Why treat the bedding, carpets and upholstery?

A.  The mattress, carpet, and your favorite overstuffed chair are the ideal breeding ground for dust mites and fleas.  Dust mites live off the dried skin and pet dander that accumulates in bedding, upholstery and carpet. It is estimated that at least 80% of the homes in the USA have dust mite populations large enough to cause sensitization.  As for fleas, examine the area where your pet sleeps: if you see what looks like salt and pepper you're staring at a mixture of flea eggs (white particles) and dried blood (black particles).  The flea eggs hatch and emerging larvae live off of this died blood.  DUSTMITE and FLEA CONTROL kills fleas in the larval stage before they can build immunity - before they become biting adults.

flea life cycleQ.  How about the flea pills and drops, now on the market?

A.  These treatments are designed to treat the pet for fleas.  In sensitive pets, even one bite may be all that is needed to cause an allergic reaction - and these treatments have no proven effect on dust mites or dust mite allergens.  Veterinarians recommend also treating the pet's environment to ensure complete control.  DUST MITE and FLEA CONTROLíS clean, environmental approach may be all that a needed to eliminate fleas and dust mites in one easy treatment that can last 6 months.

  • Easy To Apply

  • Safe For Fabric

  • Contains No Tannic Acid or Benzyl Benzoate

  • EPA Registered

  • Long Lasting Protection

  • One Treatment Last Up To 6 Months

  • Safe for People, Pets and The Planet

  • Dustmite and Flea Control Kills Dust Mites and Fleas

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