Flood Alarms for backwater valves

(Both integrated direct-connect alarms for backwater valves and free-standing "after the fact" flood alarms that let you know when water is causing basement flooding.)

flood alarms for backwater valvesWidespread storms have recently caused many troublesome basement floods.  A Flood Alarm lets you know when water is coming into your basement.  Your first line of defense is a Backwater Valve and you can check out our full line of backflow protection products today.

flood alarm installed in backwater valve capWhen your Backwater Valve is closed and protecting you from sewage backing up from the outside world, you need to stop using your plumbing facilities as it has no way to get out.

An integrated direct-connect backwater valve flood alarm will let you know when your backwater valve is closed and protecting you, and you will know that you need to stop using your plumbing fixtures until the backflow condition has subsided.

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flood alarms

flood alarms protect your homeWe also carry a full line of flood alarms that have a sensor lead that is activated when water touches it.