Handy Switch; Wireless Light Switch

List Price: $14.99

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Technical Details:

handy switch  Wireless light switch controls any lamp in any room
wireless switch  Wireless switch uses a powerful radio frequency
remote switch  Includes switch and remote receiver
remote wireless switch  Just Peel & Press! No Tools, No Wiring, No Mess!
wireless remote handy switch  Works up to 60 feet!

Product Description:

Handy Switch - Wireless Light SwitchHandy switch is a wireless light switch you can use to remotely control any lamp in your home.  Each Handy Switch comes with a switch and remote receiver.  You simply plug the receiver into an outlet, and then plug your lamp into the receiver.  That's it!  When you flick the switch, it sends a signal to the receiver, telling it to turn the power on or off.  It's that simple.  Plus, each switch also comes with a special adhesive that lets you stick your Handy Switch to any surface, then remove and re-use it in any location you choose.  Handy Switch only works with lamps or other devices that plug into the wall.  The range is approximately 60 feet, and the radio frequency it uses will penetrate walls.

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