The Hoover SpinSweep
Outdoor Sweeper

It's great for sweeping your garage floor, patios, driveway, pool decks, and walkways and it's made by Hoover !!!

Rotating brushes scoop up leaves, sticks, stones, grass clippings, empty beverage containers and all sorts of other debris.  The 21" wide cleaning path and large E-Z Empty collection bin make for fast outdoor sweeping.

Clean up quickly and easily with SpinSweep and SpinSweep Pro

The Hoover SpinSweep (and Spin Sweep Pro) is motor-less so it is quiet and safe for the environment.  There are no cords, no motors and no batteries to charge.  No air pollution and no noise!

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and SpinSweep Pro

SpinSweep (and SpinSweep Pro) works best on hard, flat surfaces such as concrete, brick and asphalt making it  the perfect choice for most walkways, driveways and patios.

USAGE NOTE from Hoover: SpinSweep is not designed for low friction surfaces like vinyl decks and is not recommended for wet pick up or use on lawns.  SpinSweep can not be used on steps.

The SpinSweep (and SpinSweep Pro) has an adjustment for brush height.  You set them to "Low" for smooth surfaces and picking up small debris and "High" for rough surfaces like brick and asphalt and picking up large debris.  Edge guides on each side of the sweeper let you sweep close to walls.

SpinSweep and Spin Sweep Pro brushes should be cleaned with warm water and mild detergent.  You can hang the unit on a wall or stand it in a corner of your garage when it is not in use. 1-year mfg. warranty.



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