Magic Jack; your new phone company is here

Magic Jack affordable local and long distance phone service

How would you like to have a combined Local PLUS U.S. and Canada Long Distance phone bill for the price of a large cup of coffee at less than $1.67 per month?

Skype, Vonage and Time Warner Internet Phone can't even get close to the low price, high quality phone service that is yours when you purchase the revolutionary new Magic Jack

Clear, delay-free telephone service with free Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID & activated 911 just $19.95 / yr.

majicjack brings you a lifetime of savingsAnd here's another fantastic benefit if you travel, even out of the country.  If you have a computer with high speed Internet access*, you can call back to, and receive calls from anywhere in the US and Canada absolutely free.

Using Magic Jack is extremely easy.  You simply plug your existing phone into the Magic Jack and plug the Magic Jack into a USB port on a qualified computer* that is connected to the internet with high speed internet access.  In just seconds your Magic Jack will provide a dial tone and be ready to call anywhere in the US and Canada absolutely free.  This is the most advanced VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system ever, and it's clear as a bell as it uses you existing telephone handset and state of the art software in the Magic Jack end.

The first time you plug in your MagicJack, you will be assigned a new free telephone number in the area code of your choice regardless of where you live.  This breakthrough technology was invented by American entrepreneur Danial M. Borislow, who also founded Tele-Save (Talk America).  Now he's at it again with an idea that has the potential to save telephone users literally billions of dollars.

What really makes the most compelling case for buying a Magic Jack, besides the incredibly low yearly licensing fee, is that you will soon be able to port your existing telephone phone number to your Magic Jack.  The ability to do so will cost a nominal and be available sometime in 2009.  You will be able to keep the exact same landline number for which you are paying at least $25 per month to your landline base telephone company.  You won't have to update your friends, records and phone book listings with a new telephone number.

Check exact pricing and availability and get your Magic Jack ordered today: magic jack

magicjack licensing costs just $20 per year

Magic Jack was the PC Magazine 2008 Product of the Year

* Magic Jack requires a Windows XP, Windows Vista or Intel based Mac Computer plus a High Speed Internet Connection (i.e. Broadband Cable Internet, DSL, Wireless, Wi-Fi, WiMax or FIOS)

Note: Like any Internet based telephone, if your Internet Service goes down your Magic Jack telephone service also goes down.

911 Service is free, but you must first Activate and Register your correct 911 Service Address, paying special attention that you update it anytime you change the physical location of your Magic Jack

majic jack is as easy as 1- 2-3