Phiar Corporation: Phiar's New Electronic Terahertz Technology

Phair has invented a new class of ultra-fast, low cost, nano-scale electronic devices that perform well beyond the limits of traditional semiconductors.  Learn more about the miracle of Phair Corp. (a tech startup of the month in wireless technology) in this downloadable article from ColoradoBiz [HTML] (Digital) by Eric Peterson (Author).

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Title: Phair Corp. tech startup of the month. Phiar corporation in wireless technology
Author: Eric Peterson
Publication: ColoradoBiz (Magazine/Journal)
Date: March 1, 2006
Publisher: Thomson Gale
Volume: 33
Issue: 3
Distributed by Thomson Gale


At the University of Colorado-Boulder, Ph.D.s Garret Moddel and Blake Eliasson were working on solar-cell technology when their research took them in a different direction--into one of the last frontiers of the radio wave and light spectrum, the terahertz spectrum. This spectrum consists of very small waves (from 300 gigahertz to 3 terahertz in length) invisible to the naked eye and notoriously difficult and expensive to produce. If it weren't so hard to conjure, terahertz radiation would be ideal for certain applications in wireless communications, medical imaging and sensing.

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