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The razor blade saver everyone's talking about.  This razor blade extender can save you up to $200 a year by extending the life of your razors.

razorproRazor Doctor is pleased to introduce you to the Razor Pro, the revolutionary new product you've been hearing so much about.  Razor Pro prolongs the life of your razor blades by quickly and conveniently drying damaging moisture from the metal surface of razor blades.  The Razor Pro works with any Standard or Disposable Razor.

Some users report that they are now able to use the same blade for up to 5 or 6 months !!

  • thousands of satisfied shavers are enjoying longer lasting blades
  • get more shaves from a single razor blade/razor cartridge
  • dries blades in just minutes to keep a super sharp edge
  • extends the life of razor blades and saves you money
  • uses 2 AA batteries; starts and stops automatically

view the RazorPro razor saver movieRazor Pro inventor Brian Cohn has done his part to make sure that razor blade users toss fewer carbon steel blades into the landfill with his unique invention.  This razor saver automatically dries the sharp edge surface of your razor blades, preventing corrosion which is the primary reason blades become dull.  The results have been truly razor pro credit cards acceptedstunning, with some users reporting months of use for the same blade where 1-2 weeks had been the norm.  Blades are expensive if you are replacing them every week, but if you can keep that blade new for months, the savings will add up quickly and make your investment in a Razor Pro razor blade dryer a no-brainer.

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Razor Pro $29.99
NOW ONLY $19.95

Fulfilled by BBL Innov,
LLC, Atlanta, Ga

Get more shaves from a single blade.  Independent third party tests show this to be a revolutionary new product that will significantly extend the usable life of your razor blades.

The RazorPro saves you money.  Corrosion causing moisture is the leading cause of razor blade dullness, not the act of shaving as many believe.  The water and moisture that remains on the blade between uses causes tiny particles to oxidize and flake off of the surface of the blade, leaving a ragged and uneven shaving edge.

Razor Pro's One-Touch operation automatically turns Razor Pro on when you insert your razor, and it automatically turns off 2 minutes later when your razor is dry!  The dry edge does not corrode so you end up saving blades, time and money.

Razor Pro Directions:

  1. movie about the razorpro razor dryerAfter shaving, rinse the razor thoroughly in hot water, removing all residue.
  2. Shake off excess water.
  3. Place razor head on the resting pad and press down until the fan starts.
  4. Let the razor rest as shown in the image to the right. razorpro
  5. RazorPro will automatically shutoff after 2 minutes.
  6. Keep your razor stored in the RazorPro until your next use.
    NOTE:  Not to be used in the shower or within direct water spray.

View the Razor Pro Movie

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Presenting the Razor Pro razor saver
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