Tanita Fitness Scales
with Body Fat Monitoring

tanita scales body fat scales models bf578, bf682Dozens of unique styles available with top quality features that make these scales the ones you want to own.  Our selection of scales all offer body fat monitoring.  

Two new ,soon to be released models will also incorporate body water percentage and athlete mode.

Tanita is a world leader and our favorite manufacturer of body fat and weight measurement devices.  Tanita's reputation for accuracy and quality has made their scales the standard by which other scales and body fat monitors are measured.

Tanita "Duo", "Ultimate", "Family" and "Body Water %" scales provide affordable solutions for everyone.

We list a wide variety of Tanita Body Fat Monitoring Scales: 2001, 2202, BF-679, BF-680, BF-593, BF-681, BF-682, BF-578, BF-551, BF-588, BF-559, UM-026, BPF-592

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