Timex Bodylink GPS and Heart Rate Monitoring System

The Timex Bodylink System offers athletes and fitness enthusiasts the unprecedented ability to track, store and analyze several key indicators of personal performance.

Using the very latest in digital technology, the Bodylink System is a network of up to 4 devices worn on the body that act together as a single information and sport monitoring system.

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buy bodylink 5F011 Timex Bodylink 5F011 - The ultimate Timex Bodylink with GPS Speed & Distance, Digital Heart Rate Monitor and Ironman Triathlon Bodylink Performance Monitor features in one device.


buy timex data recorder 5G751Timex Bodylink Data Recorder 5G751 - This is the ultimate training log for all types of athletes and fitness buffs.

The Timex Data Recorder collects precise information from your Digital Heart Rate Sensor, Speed and Distance Sensor, or both devices at the same time.

Using a USB connection, data about your workouts can later be uploaded to your Windows based PC.  Using Timex Trainer Software, you can chart your progress to achieve your training goals and maximize the effectiveness of your workouts.

Collect precise information from your watch. Through the simple USB connection, data can be later uploaded to your PC.

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