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The Timex Ironman Triathalon Speed & Distance GPS Watch System is made up of two pieces — a GPS receiver and a watch/monitor that are connected wirelessly by a radio signal. The receiver captures position data from GPS satellites and transmits precise, real-time speed, distance and pace readings to the Timex watch. While GPS technology is most commonly used as a navigational tool, the satellites are equipped with atomic clocks, making it possible to also get speed and distance data with near-perfect accuracy.

The features on the Speed & Distance System don’t compromise the watch’s familiar Ironman styling or ease-of-use, nor does it require that the watch be any larger than many of the other models in the world’s best selling line of performance sports watches.

  • Timing functions — dual time zones; automatic time setting; alarm with daily, weekday and weekend options; automatic time setting (minutes and seconds, when GPS transmitter is in use); countdown timer with stop at end, repeat at end and chronograph at end features.

  • Speed functions — current speed/pace, average speed/pace, best pace, target speed alarm, speed in 1/10 mph or kph resolution.

  • Distance functions — continuous odometer, target distance alarm, distance of activity, distance in 1/1000 mile or kilometer resolution.

  • 50 and 100-lap memory available: shows lap number, time, distance and average lap speed/pace.

  • Indiglo night light with Night Mode.

  • Water resistance: sport watch to 30 or 50 meters; receiver to one meter.

  • Several models available


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