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Okay, can you tell I like my new Bodylink?

Got it yesterday, (from Bodylink.us - great prices and fast service) spent time in the bathroom at work reading the manual and ran first thing when I got home.  It's fabulous.

HR, distance and pace all right there. GPS had no problems and linked up pretty quickly for a cloudy day with trees all around.

I used the hands free option and it automatically hit my splits for me at every mile !!  I always forget to hit the lap button.

I thought having it on my arm was bearable but I'm going to try it on my shorts to see which I prefer.  The watch is a little big - but no bigger than my old Polar HR monitor and the Bodylink gives so much more information!

I can't wait until the data link comes out.  The pictures they have of the software and it's graphing abilities just makes me drool.

Tri'n to run
(Runner's World Forum)

Data Recorders are great!

I received my new Timex Data Recorder.  I can't wait to try it out with the Bodylink system I bought last summer.  And at just over $50 bucks it's still a great deal.  Yea, Al!

Susan @ Runner's World

Dear Al,

Am I on Candid Camera or what? Give me a break, you guys can't be that good!

I called you on 9/5 about your Timex GPS Speed/Distance Watch 53991 which you advertise at a great price. You told me if I ordered it "today" it would be shipped "tomorrow" and I'd receive it in California "probably" on 9/10!

Well, my mother always told me if a deal was too good to be true, it probably was. I tried to check you out by calling Timex, and the Cleveland BBB, but nothing positive and nothing negative had been reported. I then called VISA and they assured me I could challenge the charge if I didn't receive the merchandise. I'd lost a day checking so it was 9/6 by the time I placed my order. You told me it would be shipped "tomorrow".

When I questioned that "tomorrow" was Saturday you shared that your Post Office was open on Saturday, and felt reasonably sure that I'd get my watch by (9/10).

Well, to make a long story shorter, I gambled and placed the order.

Incredibly, my watch arrived today, 9/9, in California, 2000 miles away. Not only did you charge me just $4.75 shipping when your actual cost is over $6, but your discounted prices are the lowest on the net!

If you EVER need to provide a reference to a similar "doubting Thomas", please feel free to give them my email address or phone number. My daughter is also a runner, and I'll be ordering her Timex Christmas present from you soon.

Again, thanks and keep up the good work !!!

David in CA

Timex Bodylink Training Systems from the folks at Bike-Run-Walk.com
Timex Data Recorder, Bodylink, Trainer Software

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Bodylink Performance Monitor Watch, GPS Sensor, Digital Heart Rate Monitor 5E671
 Performance Watch, GPS Speed + Distance and HRM
Body link

Most of our
Timex Bodylink Systems are

MORE Bodylink INFO . . .

1) Ironman Triathlon Bodylink
Performance Monitor Sport Watch features >

  • Bodylink watch performance monitor100-hour chronograph with lap/split either in large digits

  • 100-lap memory with recall of Bodylink™ System data

  • Alerts for targeted heart rate zone, pace, speed and distance

  • 100-hour, 3-mode countdown timer

  • 5 alarms settable for daily, weekday, weekend, or weekly with 5-minute backup

  • INDIGLO® night-light display

  • NIGHT-MODE® feature

  • 2 year battery life

  • Watch – Water-resistant 50 meters

2) Speed + Distance Sensor features >

  • body link speed and distance GPSWorks with highly accurate GPS satellite tracking system

  • Continuous odometer

  • English, metric or nautical units

  • Automatic time correction

  • No calibration necessary

  • 99% distance accuracy in environments with a clear view of the sky (better than 95% distance accuracy in most other environments)

  • Includes adjustable arm strap, belt clip and batteries

  • Sensor – Splash-resistant

3) Digital Heart Rate Sensor features >

  • bodylink digital heart rate monitorDigital FM transmission for clear signals around exercise equipment and power lines

  • Synchronized transmission prevents cross talk from other heart rate monitors

  • Smart transmission for long battery life

  • On-the-chest monitor provides continuous heart rate readings during even the most intense activities

  • Comfortable elastic strap

  • Replaceable batteries approx 2 year battery life

  • Sensor–Water resistant 30m (Sensor will not provide accurate heart rates when underwater.)

4) Data Recorder features >timex 54101 data recorder

  • Small and easy to use

  • Clips on or slips into your pocket

  • Records multiple workouts

  • 2 year battery life

  • Times Trainer software and USB cable included