Trackstick GPS vehicle tracking devices

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Save gas, get legal proof, monitor employees, satisfy curiosity, protect your children and more. . . widespread uses cause many to purchase the Trackstick system tracking vehicle.  Check out our gps vehicle tracking system products today.

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trackstick 2 Trackstick Model Trackstick II A convenient, lightweight track stick ii gps vehicle tracking device.

trackstick ii The Trackstick is a great tool for tracking your personal activities and travels.

gps vehicle tracking The included detachable belt clip makes carrying the Trackstic simple.

battery powered gps tracking Two AAA batteries keep the Trackstick powered up and running for up to a week.

Super Trackstick

tracksticksuper track stick Super Trackstick is a more sophisticated version of the original trackstick.

trackstick is super This Super Trackstick has 4 times the memory as the basic Trackstick model above.

super track stick The Super uses special battery preservation circuitry for extra-long battery life.

track stick An include detachable belt clip and include detachable magnetic mount provide a more versatile solution to allow you to easily take the Trackstick more places.

track stic award winning technology Like all Trackstick units, "Trackstick Manager" is downloaded from the Trackstick Manager Software Link.  This powerful and innovative software links seamlessly with Google Earth to provide an exception ability see visually where on earth your Trackstick has been!

trackstick manager software Trackstick GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices are affordable and easy to operate.

track stick pro

Trackstick Pro

pro trackstick The Trackstick Pro uses a cigarette lighter adapter or can be hard-wired to a 3-24 volt power source instead of batteries making it a perfect solution for high-use applications. Learn more about the Trackstick Pro here.

track stick dc power supply The Pro uses a cigarette lighter adapter or can be hard-wired to any 5-24 Volt DC power supply instead of using batteries making it a perfect solution for high-use applications.  There's more about the pro Trackstick here.


Tracking Key (LandAirSea)

We are also an Authorized LandAirSea Systems, Inc. Dealer and sell the LandAirSea TrackingKey

TrackingKey GPS Tracking Devicetrackingkey The Tracking Key GPS Tracking unit is a compact, yet powerful device that can be placed in a pocket, handbag or vehicle used to receive location signals from the nearest 3 (of 24 total) US Department of Defense GPS Satellites orbiting the Earth.  The unit's internal computer then accurately determines the location of the device within 2.5 meters and records this data every second.

With this data, and the included LandAirSea Tracking Software, you can accurately determine where a person traveled, how fast they drove, where the stopped and for how long.  The recorded data can then be displayed over-layed on a street map, a satellite image of the Earth's surface, or in a convenient, written text report.


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