Wagner moisture meterThe Wagner moisture meter is among the most world's most popular moisture meters.  Wood moisture meters by Delmhorst, Lignomat & others complete the wood moisture meter name brands that we recommend for do it yourselfers.

In our opinion, the Wagner MMC220 Extended Range Moisture Meter is one of the best all meters on the market and costs less than $270.

This Wagner MMC220 Extended Range Proline with digital readout instantly and accurately measures the moisture content of rough finish grade wood.  It is highly flexible and measures from 5% to 30% moisture content.  Wagner MMC220 moisture meters scan to a depth of 3/4" and offer a convenient press and hold feature.  This Wagner allows the user to select different species settings, eliminating the need to refer to correction tables after taking moisture percentage measurements.  Offering an extended range of specific gravity for exotic species, this Wagner MMC220 moisture meter is virtually unaffected by ambient temperature or surface moisture conditions.  The unit is used primarily by wood flooring manufacturers and installers, furniture and cabinet makers, lumber suppliers, contractors, builders, inspectors, architects, engineers do it yourselfers!