House dust mites may cause allergies and asthma in your home

dust miteYou can't see them, but if you have skin or a pet with dander, you can be almost certain they are there.  Dust mites . . . tiny microscopic creatures that thrive on dead skin and water vapor . . . live in almost every home.

Members of the arachnid family which includes spiders, scorpions and ticks,  dust mites live in the dust in your home; eating, growing breeding and defecating.

And it's their bathroom habits that make us itch and wheeze. Many people develop severe allergies to dust mite droppings.  If you lie on a rug where they live and you might get an itchy red rash.  If you breath in dust, you might have even more serious problems like difficulty breathing or an asthma attack.

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Dust mite control

dust mite controlYou can rid your home of dust mites easily and economically, for up to 6 months at a time with our safe, easy to use Dust Mite &Flea Control.  (Yes, it controls fleas as well as dist mites, an added bonus of this environmentally safe, environmentally approved product !!)

Dust Mite Control is a specially formulated borate compound that mixes in water for easy hand sprayer or steam vac application to carpets, bedding and upholstered furniture providing long check dust mite control price lasting control over dust mites, fleas and certain other household pests.

Boron is a natural element essential for healthy plant growth and aids in the assimilation of calcium in the human body.  Borates have a long history of use in insect control, and are effective against fleas, termites, cock-roaches and ants.  The Ecology Works, the manufacturer of dust mite control, has been granted a patent for its use against dust mites.

You can purchase Dust Mite Control here, securely, at low prices, and with fast shipment.   We also sell and have all the details about the new Ecology Works Anti Allergy Solution.

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Testing for dust mites with Aclotest

This economical use-at-home one-time test kit that makes it easy to determine if you have a problem . . . in about 1 hour!

Do you have dust mites?  Find out with dust mite detection kitsThe Aclotest dust mite testing kit comes with everything you need to determine the concentration of dust mites in your home in one easy to use kit.  Order multiple kits and save.

Our dust mite kit is so simple to use that it provides you with an AT HOME method to test and monitor when you need to apply Dust Mite Control.  Remember, you DO NOT  have to send the Aclotest Dust Mite Detection Kit samples to a laboratory.  You wait about an hour and you have the results in hand.

Each Aclotest Dust Mite Testing Kit contains everything you need: a reactive test strip, freeze-dried re-agent tube, distilled water, spoon and instructions.  Each kit performs one test.

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It's as easy as 1, 2, 3; 1) Collect a dust sample, 2) Perform the test, 3) Read the results.  These dust mite test kits are economically priced and discounted so that the more you buy, the more you save!


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