Tuscan murals featuring tuscany vineyards,landscape pictures of tuscan vineyards wineries, tuscany wall murals and tuscany scenes.Fine custom art, faux murals and wallpaper murals, and acrylics.

Painted in a realistic style, trompe loeil murals and mini-murals to create rooms with a view.  Trompe-l'oeil is a French term meaning 'to deceive the eye'  and describes a genre of painting in which objects are depicted in photo realistic detail for interior decorating.

The artwork displays wide, breathtaking vistas, in a limited space. The creation of a doorway leading to a garden visually makes it appear as if rooms open to an outdoor area filled with flowers and sunshine.  Each room where a mural is installed will soon find itself with it's own custom scenery from around the world; a hillside in Italy, an Italian village or a park scene.  These art murals opened once tiny spaces into vast windows into the world.  A series of tropical bathroom murals of seascapes can provide a soft impressionistic view.

Venice wall muralsMini murals create a window or doorways to the world adding depth and a focal point where none existed before.  Mini-murals are ideal rooms that have no window and bring memories of favorite places into the home.

Mini Murals are now available reproduced on a smooth white canvas creating rich colors for long lasting enjoyment.  They are applied to the wall like wallpaper to create your own room with a view.

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Art Murals;
trompe l'oeil

Italian Village Mural
Italian Garden Mural
Tuscany Mural
Tuscany Vineyards Mural
Venice Mural
Italian Hillside Mural
Park View Mural
Doorway To Garden
Oregon Coast At Bandon
Garden Murals
Children's Wall Murals
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Jungle Mural

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